Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service


Ground Shuttles

We offer ground shuttles to all of our park entrances as well as airports and trains stations. All shuttle prices are one way. There is a 2 hour pickup window to cover any unforeseen issues. Due to the high cost of fuel for northern living, the shuttle rates are non negotiable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Access Roads to Woodland Caribou Provincial ParkPARK ENTRANCES

Leano = $225
Oni = $255
Johnson = $195
Lund = $350
Upper Chukuni river = $150


Red Lake airport pickup = $175
Winnipeg airport pickup = $1050
Thunder Bay airport = $1100
Red Lake road train pickup = $125
International Falls border** = $750

Prices allow for 6 Passengers, gear and 2 canoes.
Rates rise 75% for passenger count of 7-11.
If 3-6 canoes are needed the price goes up $100.00 for trailer use.

** For Canadian border pickup, all passengers are responsible for their own passage across the border as well as their own passports and bag contents. The shuttle will meet passengers on the Canadian side at a predetermined location.


Air Shuttle to Woodland Caribou Provincial ParkAir Shuttle

The sky is the limit for your canoe destination! Begin your paddling adventure in the heart of our park and fly over its awesome landscape! The local airport is available to fly you and all your required gear to several park locations. 

Popular drop off locations are: Hansen Lake, Donald Lake, Sabourin Lake and Artery Lake.

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