Park Information & Maps

Park Information & Maps


Park Information

portageWoodland Caribou Provincial Park is in the center of the Boreal Forest. Spanning over 1.2 million acres; its pristine, untouched wilderness is an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. It boasts over 1200 miles of connecting rivers and lakes to give you endless route opportunities. There are also over 1500 campsites available. With fewer than 1000 visitors a year, there is no race to a campsite in this park! You are more likely to see a moose than another person.

So, come enjoy the Amazing sunsets and First Nations pictographs. Try catching a glimpse of the elusive caribou, moose and other wildlife. 


Park Permits

Permits may now be obtained online and printed at home for your convenience. Click on the link below to be transferred to the Ontario Parks website for the purchase of you interior camping permit.

WCPP permits per night:

Non-residents of Canada

  • Child (6-17) - $ 6.50
  • Adult (18+) - $14.97

Residents of Canada

  • Child (6-17) - $ 6.50
  • Adult (18+) - $14.97



Route Consultation

We offer free trip planning and route consultation. Plan a trip according to location, distance, difficulty level, or sights you want to see. Pre-planned routes are available or we will help you customize your route upon arrival. With ground and air shuttles covering 1.2 million acres of provincial park, the trip options are limited only by your imagination!

Get current information about conditions and planning in the links below. 



Official WCPP map (portage info and water resistant) = $15.99 

Topographic maps (1:50,000) = $15.99

  • 52M/1 Pipestone Bay
  • 52M/2 Murdock Lake
  • 52M/3 Aikens Lake
  • 52M/6 Artery Lake
  • 52M/7 Sabourin Lake
  • 52M/8 Bigshell Lake
  • 52L/9 Sydney Lake
  • 52L/10 Dowswell Lake
  • 52L/14 Garner Lake
  • 52L/15 Rostoul Lake
  • 52L/16 Medicine Stone Lake


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