Outfitting Rates

Outfitting Rates


Complete Outfitting Package = $80

Our complete outfitting package includes all the equipment, gear and food you need for a fun and successful trip. Just bring your clothes, toiletries and personal items and you're ready to roll! We carry waterproof portage packs and ultra-light backpacking equipment. See our extensive itemized list for more details. Price is per person per day (maps and park permits are not included in this price)

Equipment and Food Package = $56

Have a canoe, paddle and pfd? No problem. This package includes everything else. A comfy portage pack with all your camping gear. And a traditional food barrel pack with a complete kitchen set, stove, fuel and food. Same a fully outfitted just minus your canoe gear. Price is per person per day (price based off 2 people sharing 1 canoe. $10 increase for solo tripper) (maps and park permits are not included in this price)



Canoe and Equipment Package = $32

Want to save money? Bring your own food and get a great deal on just a canoe and equipment rental. This is complete outfitting minus the food. Ultra-light canoe, and all the great gear listed in the fully outfitted package. You just supply your own food. Price is per person per day (price based off 2 people sharing 1 canoe. $10 increase for solo tripper) (maps and park permits are not included in this price)


Partial Outfitting Package

Some seasoned adventurers might already have most of their own gear. No worries, every piece of our equipment is available for rent individually.
  • Ultra-light Souris River canoe = $40 (includes yoke pads, safety kit and paddles)
  • Kayak = $30 (includes kayak paddles)
  • ½ day canoe rental = $20 (includes paddles)
  • ½ day kayak rental = $15 (includes paddles)
  • Paddle = $3
  • PFD = $4
  • Ultra-light backpacking Tent and footprint = $14
  • Ultra-light sleeping bag = $10
  • Sleeping bag flannel liner = $4
  • Thermarest sleeping pad = $5
  • 115L portage packs = $8
  • 70L portage packs=$7
  • 20L organizing dry bags = $2
  • 40L organizing dry bags = $3
  • Ultra-light Tarp = $6
  • Basic blue tarp= $4
  • 60L Food Barrel and Harness = $8
  • 30L Food Barrel and Harness = $7
  • Whisperlite Stove with fuel = $8
  • Coleman 2 burner stove with fuel = $10
  • Kitchen/cook set (pots, pans, flatware, utensils and cleaning supplies) = $7
  • Grill rack = $3
  • Coffee percolator = $2
  • French press coffee maker = $2
  • MSR miniworks water filter = $7
  • Water filter bag = $5
  • Take down saw = $3
  • Camp axe = $3
  • Camp shovel = $2
  • Hand trowel/ latrine kit = $2
  • Medical kit = $3
  • Complete food pack = $40
  • Package add-on options:

    • SPOT - satellite tracking unit = $9/day/group
    • Maps = $15.99


Guided Canoe Trips

We offer guided canoe trips from experienced locals who love our backyard playground. Our guides have personal experience paddling the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park and come highly recommended. Have a more laid back trip by booking an experienced guide to lead you thru the park and care for your camp set up and cooking needs.

Guiding fees = $250/day/group


Keith Fretz - Canoe Guide in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Keith Fretz is the owner of Sunset Canoe Outfitting and Pakuni Lodge. He is a retired teacher with over 30 years experience in the field of outdoor education and guiding. He is an avid outdoorsmen who enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors.

Guided Canoe Trip with Don Maw in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Don Maw is a retired Senior MNRF Conservation Officer. He has 35 years of experience in the field and teaches outdoor survival classes.










  • Hotel 105, Bar & Grill in Ear Falls, ON - 807-222-3374
  • Trillium Motel in Ear Falls, ON - 807-222-3126
  • Pakuni Lodge cabin – last minute upgrade and subject to availability. (Includes fully furnished cabin, breakfast and a waterfront view.)
    • 1 person = $85
    • 2 people = $135
    • 3 people = $185
    • 4 people = $235



Food Menu

A menu will be emailed to you upon making a reservation. We offer a variety of fresh food as well as dehydrated meals from Mountain House, Alpine Aire, and Backpacker's Pantry.

Keith and Debbie Fretz
Thanks for your interest experiencing the Canadian wilderness with Sunset Canoe Outfitting!

Your Hosts Keith & Debbie Fretz
Let Us Tell You About Ourselves

Hi, we are Keith and Debbie Fretz. We have lived in the area for almost 40 years. It is our love for the Canadian Wilderness that made us the owners of both Pakuni Lodge and Sunset Canoe Outfitting. We are both retired teachers who enjoy sharing our amazing access to the beautiful outdoors with our guests. We would love for you to come visit us!
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Contact Pakuni Lodge if you want to book a stay in one of their cabins.